UAE Maritime Creativity &
Innovation Awards 2018

In a world where recession and regulation has profound effects on the industry, MARACAD believes it is important to recognise those – whether companies or individuals – who change the industry through new ideas, processes, technology or equipment. Here at UAE, we strongly believe this is a healthy innovative industry with creative, problem-solving people and cutting-edge technology. We have created an event that highlights that.

Excellence in Innovation and Technology

A firm must showcase smart new products or services which approach the everyday in new ways, enhance performance, decrease costs, or spearhead that big change that no one even though they needed until it was made.

  1. The entry must detail a product or service or business process that shows genuine innovation.
  2. Related to any part of a company’s offering, the innovation must demonstrate concrete benefits to the company, its customers or suppliers.
  3. The entry for this award must demonstrate the impact the new innovation has had upon the business: Did productivity increase? Did revenues or profitability increase? Did the product set a new internal or industry standard?
Nominations may be forwarded
online at or by email to [email protected], [email protected] to arrive by 31 June 2018. The nomination is open until 31 May 2018.
The winners will be announced at the
MARACAD’s 2018 Dinner.
Queries about the award should be direct to the Chief Executive, Capt. Haytham Chaaban.